Started fundraising, books moderation, report a problem option, server failures and other news

Sep 21, 2019
23k görüntülemeler

Hi there!

What’s up? We have a lot of news to share!
As you already know, we have recently started additional fundraising campaign. So what is it? We hold this event 2 times a year (September and March) to our project maintenance and development. During this period you can get access to unlimited downloads for 31 days for any donation! Only thanks to your support over the past year we have made such improvements as Full-text search, ZAlerts, Terms, Books correction feature, “Save for later” option, Recommender system and much more. Thank you for giving us such support!

Now let's talk about the updates. We decided to provide our users with the ability to moderate newly uploaded books. This will significantly reduce the number of problem books! So on the Moderation page (at the top of the page next to your nickname) you can vote for a book: OK if the book is suitable for our library, BAD if there are any problems. Please note this option works in the test mode and available only for some "active" users.

We are very pleased that you are actively suggesting corrections to books. We would like to single out @Big Bang who has already offered about 7 thousand corrections! Thanks for being ready to spend a few minutes of your free time!

Unfortunately, edits are not always correct, so we added an explanation field to the rejected correction.

Also, if you find any problems with the book file or link you can use the “Report a problem” option. We will try to solve the problem in 1-2 days.

The next improvement was suggested by user @Yanggaojun. Book tags are now displayed in the Book details field. The “Save for later” option became more convenient!

Small changes have affected books with "Coming soon" status. We have considerably reduced the waiting time for new books: from a few days to several hours. Hurrah!

And the latest news: surely you noticed there have been more cases when it is impossible to download books for any reason. Our service is rapidly growing and now we are engaged in a significant modernization of the infrastructure. Therefore, sometimes server failures occur but very soon everything will be better than before

Thanks for your attention!


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R. David Lankes